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Tax Facts

In today’s ever-changing market the complexity in providing the most appropriate Accounting and Tax advice is paramount. Every business in every range of profitability requires financial reporting that can be the basis of their growth and ultimate success. We provide accounting services designed for both the expected and the unexpected, guiding our clients through the full range of tax planning strategies that minimize liabilities. Our expertise, experience, analysis, allow us to optimize financial opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws.

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    Tax Facts - General Value Shifting

    Value shifts change the relationship between the market value and tax value of an asset. Most value shifts happen when parties don't deal at the market value, causing one asset to decrease while the other increases. Value shifts occur in the form of:

    • Indirect value shifting
    • Direct value shifts on interests
    • Direct value shifts by creating rights

    Without a value-shifting regime in place there can be artificial losses and deferred gains. Where the General Value Shifting Regime (GVSR) applies, you may need to adjust the tax values of an interest affected by the value shift, or adjust a realised loss or gain. In some cases there may be an immediate capital gain.

    In general, the GVSR does not apply to small value shifts or dealings within consolidated groups.

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