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Please use the below facility to transfer your MYOB, Quickbooks files etc. and any other relevant documentation to us securely.

We kindly request you provide your name, email & subject.

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Secure File Transfer

We recommend you refer to our checklists as a guide to what documentation we may require.

Individual Tax Return Checklist

Also, to assist us in preparing your Financial Statements please provide where applicable.

A Reconciled Datafile
Copies of your bank statements as at 30th June
Copies of loan statements
Copy of PAYG Summary
Copies of any Finance Agreements
Details of assets purchased in the relevant period

If you require assistance with your PC via secure remote access, please contact this office on
+61 3 9373 2100.

We are registered professional partners with the following client accounting software.

Please contact us to assist you in determining a software solution to suit your needs.